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I'm just another one of those anime fans on tumblr. Please feel free to say hi and ask questions (I need friends.)
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This season, I'm watching: Yowamushi Pedal. Nothing else as of right now... I'm too busy

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good luck!!

Thank you so much!

Though I doubt anyone will care, I just wanted to inform my followers that I’m taking a little hiatus from this blog (and have been for a few weeks). ^^”
I’ve been studying a ton for the SATs and my AP calculus class has kept me very busy, so I don’t have that much time to reblog stuff (or to watch anime, of course).
So yeah, just wanted to inform you! I’ll be back soon.

It’s meaningless without you

makoharu alphabet // insp

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♪ i love my ships, ships, ships 

『K』 on Animage February Issue

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act natural !!


anything he doesn’t need to win, he discards

kageyama or hinata? - kagehinaas

free! eternal summer - one gifset per episode

            └ episode 1

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he did his damage and just left