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I'm just another one of those anime fans on tumblr. Please feel free to say hi and ask questions (I need friends.)
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This season, I'm watching: Haikyuu, Free! Eternal Summer, Barakamon, Glasslip, Re: Hamatora, Love Stage, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Akame ga Kill, Tokyo Ghoul

….dammit, Birthday… I hope Ratio helps him quickly oh god



get to know me meme - (01/∞) favorite male characters: kageyama tobio. 

"Do your best jump, go as fast as you can, and f l y.”


よさこい by れぐ(仮)

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Kageyama + Character Development 
Kageyama is definitely changing! ~Sawamura Daichi~

I really really hope the part where Yamaguchi serves is put in the anime… The chapter with it is coming up, so hopefully it will be in it!

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